5 Ways To Know If Someone Blocked You On WhatsApp

Know If Someone Blocked You on WhatsApp

Do you want to know if someone blocked you on WhatsApp? Then read the guide below.

There are many reasons if you are being blocked on WhatsApp, because someone wouldn’t block you for no reason.
In this article, we will be guiding you to figure out if truly you have been blocked on WhatsApp.

  1. Your Messages Won’t Get Delivered:
    Your Messages Won't Get Delivered

    When someone blocked you, your messages will stay with one grey tick, meaning it will not be delivered to them. Though sometimes it might be due to network issues but a good reason if you suspect you are being blocked.

  2. You  Can’t See The Contact’s Last Seen:

    When a contact blocked you on WhatsApp, you can no longer see their last or online in the chat window. Though, many people remove their last seen but it can be a great way to know if you’re being blocked.

  3. You Won’t Be Able To Call The Contact:

    Phone calls on WhatsApp cannot be made to blocked contact. Any calls you attempt to place will not go through.

  4. You Do Not See Updates To A Contact’s Profile Photo:

    When you’re being blocked on WhatsApp, you can’t see their updated profile photo. Though some might hide their profile photo, remove it or do not update it.
    To know exactly whether you’re being blocked or not is by using someone else’s account and check if the profile photo is the same.

  5. You Won’t be able To Create A Group Chat:

    When you create a group and add a contact who has blocked you, you’ll get a message saying that you’re not authorized to add them. This is the simplest and easiest way to know if you’re being blocked.

Note: The above steps are laid out by WhatsApp Help Center , With WhatsApp saying

We have made this intentionally ambiguous in order to protect your privacy when you block someone. Thus, we cannot tell you if you’re being blocked by someone else.

Know If Someone Has Blocked You on WhatsApp

Hope this guide is helpful, do share with us what you experience and share with families and friends.

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